My reason for losing weight . . .

Keep Moving Forward

After being overweight for many years, something changed.

Diets were a way of life for me, and so was giving up on them. Being tired and sick often was getting old, but didn’t provide an impetuous for taking any substantial action.

SOMETHING CHANGED . . . a bleeding ulcer, being told my organs were shutting down, and hearing I may have from 2 hours to 1 year to live.

Fear gripped me and the work began. I never looked back and in 11 months over 100 pounds came off.

Being afraid did what common sense didn’t.

Keeping it off is on my mind regularly, and so far, it has worked.

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2 thoughts on “My reason for losing weight . . .

  1. Wishing you a happy, comfortable life.

    I was around 150 pounds when my stomach wake-up call happened: Gastroparesis. It isn’t life threatening like your stomach condition; just very, very uncomfortable. I dropped to almost 100 pounds in a year just because my body couldn’t eat large amounts of food at one time. That was 2004 and my body has hovered between 101 and 111 ever since.

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