NaNoWri(some)Mo : Year 5

Two on a Rant

Yes, I wrote another book for NaNoWriMo.

I’m hoping my cover will look something like this…

…with the photoshop of a space ship somewhere on the cover.

I know nothing about photoshop, so it’s not going to happen if I have to do it.

  As usual, my new book has a #SciFiRomance flavor to it. 

Before you think that I’m writing about love to make up for the lost days of romance, I had a very nice tumble in bed with my better half last week.

That’s where yoga comes in handy.

All Backbend Poses Articles, Updates & News | Gaia A reenactment of what my mirror doesn’t see.

Kama Sutra be d@#%ed.

I thought you might like to know that “I do not go gentle into that good night” (my apologies to Dylan Thomas 1914-1953).

Yes, I hug my family — on occasion.  It’s true that I don’t like to be touched.  It’s also true there…

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