On the Doorstep: Whitchurch ~ Earth and Water

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It was a lovely day. We needed to get out and about… get some exercise in the fresh air and sunshine. And yet, there we were in lockdown again. My own village offers few unexplored possibilities, so, instead of moping around indoors, we decided to drive five miles and a couple of hamlets over to the village of Whitchurch for a wander.

It is often the way that the things on our doorstep are the easiest to ignore. We are always ‘going to’ investigate and seldom do.  I have known about the sites at Whitchurch for over twenty years, but aside from visiting the church as we researched the area for our books, I have not taken the time to explore the village. A quiet Sunday, with few people about, seemed the perfect opportunity.

I have already written about the wartime connections of the village… of the young artist…

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