#Jaye’s Week…

The Queue

I only managed to leave the house once this week and that was to collect urgent medication for Boots the chemist in the High Street.

It was a typical autumnal morning, bright but damp, with the smell of all the fallen leaves I enjoyed shuffling through as I walked.

There was not many people about due to lockdown, as most of the shops were shut, so I hoped there wouldn’t be a queue in Boots. They are short staffed, so even a small queue means standing in line for ages, something I don’t enjoy doing these days.

As I used my elbow to open the automatic doors, my heart sank when I saw three people already waiting. Sometimes you get lucky and people pick up their prescriptions without any complications.

The first person in the queue took forever and as I watched the next person walk up to the counter, I hoped it wouldn’t happen again, as my legs were feeling the strain already.

My heart soared just a little when it was the third persons turn.

Me next!

That’s when my luck ran out… and things became a little crazy.

There were now two people behind me in the queue. An elderly lady on crutches, who looked likely to collapse at any moment, and an equally elderly gentleman who was leaning heavily on a walking stick.

Even though I was in pain, I knew I would offer my place in the queue to the elderly lady, as there was no way I could take my turn ahead of her. As I watched, I also knew she needed to sit down on the chair over by the counter before she fell down.

She refused to sit down, worrying about losing her place, but I assured her I would make sure this didn’t happen.

What happened next turned into a comedy sketch with the elderly lady and gentleman taking it in turns to sit down while we waited. We were all wearing masks, so made a pretty picture as we all tried to help each other.

We all saw the funny side and chatted along like old friends.

And still we waited.

Eventually, the hold up was resolved and I insisted the old lady was next.

By then she had stopped protesting as I could see she was in real trouble.

Luckily, the story ended well, and we were all dealt with in record time…

© Jaye Marie 2020

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