Stevie’s Review of ‘The Last Rose of Summer’, by Mary Austin

Stevie Turner

I was intrigued to read ‘The Last Rose of Summer’ by Mary Austin. It is fiction, but all based on her own true life story:

FACTION: Fiction based on fact

When only in her early twenties, Mary, a workaholic pre-med student at Cleary University, discovered through research that Rb1, a tumour suppressor chemical which is also a ginsenoside found in ginseng, could have a harmful effect on the DNA of cancer cells in a petri dish. Quite naturally she was jubilant at the consequences of this… with development there might be a possible future cure for cancer, and also existing cancer patients would not need to undergo chemotherapy with toxic drugs.

However, when she disclosed her findings with the aim to publish in medical journals, she was alarmed to find that over time she was excluded from meetings between her bosses and the big pharmaceutical companies, her work was sabotaged…

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