Mysteries of Fate #whatdoyousee #Haibun

tales told different

I stood on the edge of forever
Gazed for my destiny
Listened to the crescendo of doom
My eyes betraying the destitution within
For eyes are windows to the soul
Yet Love is blind
And so is Faith
So I closed them,
Held a vespers of despair
Clasped onto iridescent dreams
And surrendered to the hopelessness of hope.

Crossroad Cataracts
Plummeting beyond wisdom
End or Beginning?

Colleen’s ekphrastic photoprompt

I stand now
A Desdemona
On banks beyond suffering
For turmoil is bound to end
And it is good deeds that light the towers –
At the gates of new beginnings.

Stars of forever
Lit in Perpetuity
For all the selfless

Sadje’s whatdoyousee image prompt

© judeitakali

Charity begins at home.
But to become true kindness, it must transcend the familiar.

Hope you enjoy this;
I used the image prompt from Colleen as inspiration to begin,
And the one from Sadje

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