Where is the Sense?

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

Having been in a form of lockdown since Christmas, the ‘infection rate’ as measure by the unreliable PCR and even less reliable antigen tests, is increasing dramatically in Czechia. So, rather than standing back and saying, this lockdown thing isn’t working. In fact it is destroying our economy, livelihoods, mental health and relationships, what did the health minister here do? Well, after blaming us for the situation, he mandated the following. Everyone must wear respirators, double surgical masks or equivalent on public transport and in shops. He is a politician. In the light of the failure of every policy he has instituted, he had to double down to be seen to be doing something, anything!

Now, let’s examine this latest idiocy shall we. Forgive the little hint of anger here – I have good reason as you will see.

So, a respirator – what is it? It is specialist equipment…

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