Jaye’s Week… The First Day

The First Day

I want someone to explain why Windows 10 doesn’t look or act the same on my replacement pc.

Nothing is how I remember it, too many things are missing, and nothing seems to want to work. Two days ago, I was blissfully (well almost) happy working away on my old pc, no problems at all, and everything worked the way it was supposed to.

I get that everything is run by apps these days, but is it too much to ask for things like Word to be the same, no matter where you access it?

I must have a different version of Word to the one I had two days ago. A paid version, I might add. I wonder if I would have any luck finding that version?

All of this only adds to the abject disappointment for all the valuable things I lost when the old pc crashed and died.

So many precious photographs have gone. Teaching me, yet again, that EVERYTHING should be backed up, either on the cloud or on USBs.

I am also annoyed that all of this happened right when I finally got my act together and started to enjoy the feeling.

Still, this too, will pass eventually. In the long run, none of it will amount to a hill of beans, will it?

The Second Day

It’s official. I am living in a nightmare…

The first time I switched this pc on, it has rattled loudly as it boots up. This noise goes on for a while, and even when it has finished, it continues to grumble all day. I could live with this, so desperate to have a pc that works. But by the second day, it was getting me down, so I rang the supplier. He assured me that this was not normal and I would need a new one.

There are no words to describe the state of me, but I am hanging on to my sanity and my temper, as I know from experience that I must be patient.

All I can say is this. God help the first person that annoys me in the next few days, as I have a lot of venom to get shot of!

25 thoughts on “Jaye’s Week… The First Day

  1. If you paid for MS word, you should be able to download it from the MS site. You might need your account number or key, but since you lost everything on the old computer, I would go to customer care and ask how to access your account. They should have a record of you with your e-mail.


  2. When my previous laptop died, the central processing unit (CPU) was what crapped out, but a guy at the computer store where I bought the replacement was able to remove the hard drive where all my stuff was stored, and put it all on a thumb drive, so I didn’t lose anything. Would it be possible to do that in your case?
    Along with the new computer, I bought an external hard drive as a backup.
    Backing up your stuff to an external hard drive is a good idea. I do that at regular intervals, but I don’t keep the external drive connected all the time, because if my computer got a virus or was ransomed (shouldn’t happen, but you never know), the external drive would be affected as well.

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  3. Sorry to read of your woes.
    It’s my jaundiced opinion that Word is geared for Business and Computer associated do-hickeys. Thus writers and their dreadfully non-mathematical affinity with arts come way down the priority.
    If you try and follow their grammar advice you end up with the most peculiar sentences, this is because writers use art and imagination and not formatted programmes. (My recent spell check developed an affinity for Italian as opposed to English because I used two Italian words- it would not be convinced to stay with English either).
    Therefore whenever Word is confronted by writers (none of whom are the same) it throws a hissy-fit and starts to rebel, falling back on its binary and then in turn spreads the news out to the rest of Microsoft on your new laptop that there is a ‘writer’ here.
    I tend to let off steam by swearing at the machine and if a Microsoft customer service questionnaire appears I give a frank and friendly opinion.

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