#BlogBattle ~ Fragment ~ #Poetry

March #BlogBattle: Fragment

Our word this month is:


I see myself in a broken mirror
A fragment, a tiny part of the many sides we hide
Each piece could be labelled, ready to make a whole
Where life is broken, each walking fragment I meet
I wonder how many think themselves whole
I have not felt complete in over a decade
Life for me is a banana peel, waiting around the corner
I can hear you say, just slip on it, get it over with
Pull yourself together. Cruel, it’s easy for you to say
Rather than take the time to talk to me
Help me put the pieces back together
Some of us cannot stand alone, we need help
Before we can take the reins
So, think about the fragmented moments
in a song, that had you listening to the whole…

© Anita Dawes 2021

10 thoughts on “#BlogBattle ~ Fragment ~ #Poetry

  1. Thought inspiring self reflection ladies. How many people with MH do just that before a mirror wondering when the whole fragmented into what it now rests in?

    An aspect I’ve also used in fiction writing too. Something about doing that creates a sense of reality into an insane world. Through the eyes of the lost does one see the world differently. Very thought inducing as you can probably guess!


  2. Hmmm. a real thought-provoking question. Am I whole? Not necessarily, but there aren’t identified missing pieces, either…
    Nice piece. I especially liked the beginning about seeing only a fragment of yourself in the mirror. I thought it would go down the “we wear many masks” way but you surprised me.
    Since I usually just pick myself up and move on, I expect others to be the same. Thanks for the reminder that is not the case for everyone.

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  4. Well expressed depth, and a frame of mind I think many can relate to. I especially liked the line about ‘I wonder how many think themselves whole’ and the reference to a song at the end. Yes indeed, we should all help each other put the pieces back together. Nice work!

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  5. Nice job of showcasing the casual cruelty we show when we don’t take the time to really listen to people. Thanks for the reminder–it’s so easy to mentally reset to my own problems, and then forget to remain open to those around me.
    So, don’t slip on the banana peel, please, and take whatever time you need. May love help your pieces slip smoothly back in place. : )


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