BlogBattle ~ Owl

April #BlogBattle: Owl

I love watching the birds in my garden.

This year, we have more birds with the feeders, including red kites in the skies above. The robin with his wonderful red breast and skinny black legs is my favourite.

Jackdaws with their pale blue eyes can look a little menacing, especially after watching a punch up one afternoon between three of them.

The thing I like best is watching the birds pulling twigs from the trees for their nest. They can be so fussy, dropping all the ones I don’t like on my lawn.

It’s a similar story from my front window.

Across the road, we have three hazelnut trees. Here I can watch the building of a nest. The resident blackbird loves to dive into the bush below beside the tree.

One time, trying to take a chosen twig with him, he left it sticking out like a flagpole.

I must confess; I know nothing about owls apart from what I see on TV.

Silent when flying for their food, their cry haunting, like the cry of the lost, still wandering the afterlife for a home.

Their beautiful eyes give off a sense of loneliness, but maybe that’s just me and the strange feeling I receive when watching them.

Our feathered friends, a reminder of days walking with dinosaurs…

© Anita Dawes 2021

9 thoughts on “BlogBattle ~ Owl

  1. I love watching robins, too, ever since I was a young girl. I used to write poems in first grade about Little Robin Redbreast and his adventures. I liked the detail of the blackbird leaving a twig sticking out like a flagpole–it left a very sharp, clear mental image.

    I like owls but I don’t get to see them very often. Usually it’s just a fleeting glimpse in the headlights of a barn owl or great horned owl at night while flying over the road.

    Nice descriptive piece. Thanks for sharing. : )

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  3. Ah yes, birds are so enjoyable to watch. Toward the end, after you told about the blackbird, I started to wonder if this was going to turn a little darker, like discovering an owl ate him. Glad that it wasn’t, and liked the bit about walking with dinosaurs!

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