#MLMM ~ #Sunday Writing Prompt:

Image from pixabay.com

Floating free, surrounded by light,
I found a tiny planet that drew me in.
I walked for miles before finding a living being.
Tiny, like the planet. No more than four foot tall.
Asking where I could find a bed for the night,
He pointed down the road to a small yellow building.
I’m not what you call tall, five foot nine.
I hoped the inside might be larger.
Bending to enter the door, I could see how small everything was.
The lady behind the desk slapped her hand over her mouth
to stifle a scream. “You cannot stay here!”
Backing out of the door, I sat on the pavement,
wondering how I could return home.
The kindness of strangers fed me, they sat with me.
“You’re stuck with us for a while, the next big energy wave
Won’t be back for the next two years.
“That’s your ride back home. In the meantime,
we can build you a place of your own.
“In return, you can work in the fields for us.”

I was beginning to feel like Gulliver.
Later in the evening, would I hear, “Twelve o clock and all’s well?”
If I am dreaming, don’t wake me. Let me stay a while…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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