The Hound of Windgate Nick

Mountains, Myths and Moorlands

This is the ‘Hound of Windgate Nick’, high on Addingham moor.

I first came across this fellow a few years ago – it was dusk and a bit foggy as I was making my way alone across the moors. I could just make out the shape in the distance, and at first it startled me – I thought it was a large dog, or maybe a huge wild cat which several people claim to have seen on these moors.

I approached slowly, all the time watching for movement – ready to duck down and hide in the heather if it looked my way. But after a few minutes it didn’t appear to move and I cautiously approached.

As I got nearer, I could see it was made of wicker and branches, skilfully shaped into the image of a wild hound. It was a work of art – and in the…

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