Friend. Mental awareness

tales told different

In darkness she finds a friend
For the light of day shines too bright
Sunrise exposing the scars
Inflaming the wounds
Laying her bare for all to see
Help me father, cradle me once again mother
I cannot bare this pain
This loneliness and regret!
But they’ve grown too tired of trying
Wearied by all her relapses
Each one worse than the last
A problem child they’ve abandoned to fate
‘Show us you can really change,’ they now chorus with each new cry for help!
In catholic school she was taught
‘If you take your own life, eternal damnation awaits’
But the darkness is not so bad, she thinks
All in the light shun and avoid me
And I do not blame them; I’d avoid me too!
Maybe this world is not where I belong
Maybe in the darkness, my true friends await.
She does not see how dark the…

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