Almost Getting A Hearing Evaluation

Dispatches From Dystopia

People have been telling me to undergo a hearing evaluation since I don’t remember. Hearing Loss runs in the family. So I got a mailing the other day offering a $20 Gift Card at Walmart if I underwent a hearing evaluation, a thirty day return policy and $1000 off the price of two of this company’s hearing instruments.

I call them up. Somebody in God-Only-Knows-Where answers the phone, schedules me for 14June at 15:15hrs (3:15PM). Cool. Later I get a text telling me to show up 15 minutes early to do the paperwork.

“Oh, your wife has to show up too, so we can see if you’re really just ignoring her and aren’t deaf after all.” They don’t say that but they should. One gets the same instruction (bring your spouse) if somebody wants to sell you a time share. Maybe they should bundle the two Time Share &…

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