Wanton Whimsy: Henderson, 1930

Sun in Gemini

I knew there was something odd about the strange bike in the glossy picture; something different – attractive yet on the edge of gloriously wrong…

Also, there was an eerie familiarity about the curves. Not just the fulsome orbs of the 1930 Henderson motorcycle, itself. Something even darker…

Binky said it had arrived as a postcard. With only the word ‘reunion’ written on the other side in dark red.

“I was just staring at it,” he said. “Adoring its lines; and this… mist appeared around the card, and began to pull at me! But I panicked…” He said it weakly, “… and phoned you.” He had coughed, then. “And now we’re here…”

“And now we’re here, eh Binky?” I said in my best sarcastic, gripping his elbow as painfully as I could while we gazed at the far side of that fast disappearing cloud that had taken us both.


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