Widdershins Worlds

Heat Dome – the Equator’s revenge for all those arctic outflows.

I have been sweltering under a heat dome for the last three days and take great joy (sarcasm mode engaged) in knowing another three, at least, are immanent.

I do not approve of heat domes.

Thankfully we have our trusty portable air conditioner, who over the last two years has only had to run for a few days. So far its been going flat out for seven. (with breaks between the o’clocks of 2am and 9am)

The ‘42’ in the title doesn’t refer to Sir Douglas Adams’s answer to everything, It’s how hot it got today, 42°C. That’s 107° for the Fahrenheitists among us.

That’s an ugly heat folks, and I am done with it.

To those of you in the neighbourhood, (I’m talking geographical not geo-political) I hope you’re managing to stay cool…

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