justabitfurther ~ #Poetry

Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt – Week 54

It was creeping over me like a new suit
If he said it, one more time
It’s just a bit further…
I would crush his head with a rock.
We were chasing a pipe dream,
smoke in a bottle
I had heard the stories too many times
Uncle Ben had left the cabin to him
He knew where the treasure had been hidden
How many times did I hear myself say
Why haven’t you been to retrieve it yet?
He never had an answer, nor did he try to find one
Snow had made the going hard.
There it stood, a two-storey building,
beside what could be construed as a waterfall
that flowed down past the pipe
Somewhere along that pipeline
Lay my husbands dream of becoming rich
I was pleased he knew how
to get a fire going in this place
That he had packed food, water
I guess we were here for a while.
It was to do with his grandfather and the Gold Rush
Apparently, he was too miserly to cash it in
Now we have a seven-mile pipeline to search

Wish us luck!

© Anita Dawes 2021

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