Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt

Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt – Week 55

I am old, past my best
There was a time
when my twelve-year-old owner Linda
Loved taking me out on the water
I had been her best birthday present
We sailed the seven seas like Sinbad
Water dragons fell away in fear
White sharks circled, open mouthed
Showing two rows of teeth
A young one, thank God
Hence the small bite on the edge of the boat
After that day, they left me behind the barn
The wind, rain, and sun helped to age me
I lay forgotten. The day may come
when she remembers the good times
Not her father’s fears
She may come and see me, fix me
For her own daughter
Take me out sailing once more
She will tell her daughter of our adventures
The echoes of these stories wait to be told…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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