Sunday Writing Prompt, July 4/21 – Treasured Trash


Sara is our host for the Sunday Writing Prompt.
Her challenge this week:

What constitutes “trash”? Dirty diapers…yes. Rotten food…should probably be composted, but yes, something to discard. What about that barely beaten sofa you upgraded? Or the vanity that still holds a breath of life, but needs a little TLC. Grandma’s attic…everything needs to go! Garage sales and thrift shops are all about turning one’s trash into another’s treasure. Even a spouse, who their significant other decided to “discard”, but became the most valuable person in YOUR life! It really comes down to perspective…

I encourage you to write about “trash” that became treasure. Base it on personal experience, or compose something entirely fictional. All is welcome

Today’s Sunday Writing Prompt is: One Person’s Trash

This has to be the unwritten law for all car boot sales.Hubby and I got a lot of stuff for our first house…

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