Musings (About a Muse) – #Thoughts on #Inspiration and Nothing at all


So yes, here I am, 1:45 in the morning, wide awake, bursting with words, poems rhyming, chapters swimming, thoughts reeling, images filling my mind’s eye, so I really don’t have any alternatives other than to (theoretically) grab paper and pencil, Ie. My laptop, and create as much as I am able. To paraphrase the Master ( yep, Shakespeare again….don’t roll your eyes, its relevant, I swear!)
When Inspiration comes it comes not single spies, but in battalions! Yes, it certainly does.

There, then, that wasn’t so bad… was it?

I recently told a friend that I have far more uses for the wee hours of the night than I could even conceive of having for the early hours of the morning. I’m a “Night Person”, have been since the day I was born…or rather, the night I was born. 10:45pm to be exact. A perfect time of night! Deliciously dark…

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