Spooky Goings-on

Stevie Turner

I’ve experienced quite a few paranormal happenings over my lifetime, and recently I’ve had two more. I was at home on my own and decided to make a cup of tea. I reached into the cupboard to take out a mug, and was aware that the kettle (which was nowhere near the cupboard) had somehow switched itself on with no help from me. Today I was doing some weeding in the garden, and came across my mother’s initials etched in a 30 year old piece of concrete surrounding a drainpipe. They had not been there before.

Mum was always interested in the supernatural, just as I am. She often said that she would contact me from the ‘other side’ if she could find a way. I really don’t know if these spooky happenings are Mum’s way of telling me that she is still around, but I’d like to think that…

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