The First Time… #Poetry

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I had just finished watching The One Show
When I thought of all the first moments
I can never get back.
My first time on a bike
Riding, standing on the pedals
Too small to reach the saddle
The boy you pestered for two weeks
To take you out on his motorbike
You’re wearing his sisters leather jacket
His mother’s helmet and goggles, his brothers gloves
Your arms wrapped around his waist
The speed, sheer heaven
Your first kiss, that cuddle
in the back row of the cinema in the dark
Straightening up when the usherette came past
More annoyingly, she would stand
Right there at the top of the aisle
Her eye on both sides of the back rows.
That first taste of alcohol
Yuck, never did that one again.
That first time, fumbling between the sheets
That moment we call lovemaking
Thank God that one got a lot better
Or I might not have had my first child!
My best moment, buying my first car
for ten pounds, passing my test first time.
So many firsts, some you wouldn’t want to repeat again
on pain of death. You get the idea.
I could go on, filling a book with first moments
Do you ever think about yours?

© Anita Dawes 2021

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