Use A Soundtrack of Magical Music to Lighten Your Day – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk

Music is the strongest form of magic. Marilyn Manson

Music is an integral component of my life. I enjoy everything from classical to jazz, country to hip-hop, heavy metal, alternative, new age, folk, rap. If it has a steady rhythm, my toes tap, my body sways, and emotions bubble to the surface. In most cases, if you hum a few notes, I can name the tune. I only attempt to sing if I know I am alone.

Every road trip requires a soundtrack, and even a quick jaunt to the grocery store can’t happen without a song blaring on the radio. Cleaning my house is effortless when the music plays. Movies would be less dramatic. We wouldn’t have a reason to dance, and if there were no soothing lullabies, babies would have to cry themselves to sleep. My morning walks would be unbearable without a measured beat to move my feet. They design playlists to help you achieve a…

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