Wednesday Writing — Research & Character Creation

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Deirdrê Myth by Helen Stratton 1915, WikipediaDeirdrê Myth by Helen Stratton 1915, Wikipedia

Welcome, all.  Even though I engage in full-on whimsy, and often pantser (fly by the seat of my pants) through stories, everything I do is for a reason.  Today I’m explaining what undoubtedly seems like a strange quirk on my part — the color green.  That also relates to a character in “Dead of Winter.”  I’ll get to some research for that character too, but first that reoccurring color.

I hadn’t given it any thought until during the serialized rewrite of The Delta Pearl, I realized a connection in character names. Of course those riverboat characters were named after gemstones.  I chose the name for the protagonist, Émeraude Perlezenn, naturally I was aware of emeralds.  I didn’t realize until later the connection of the heroine of Atonement, Tennessee, Ralda, short for Esmeralda, which also means emerald.

It’s fun…

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