France & Vincent

bradbourne 6

I drove north yet again on Thursday, ready for a meeting in preparation for the next Glastonbury event and our monthly symposium. I have never seen quite so many hawks of all descriptions as I did on that drive; from buzzards flying alongside to trios of kites diving low over the car. Quite what it was about the day I don’t know, but something seemed to have brought them out in numbers… and they were a joy to see.

bradbourne 3

I had earmarked a couple of places to stop along the way. The four hour drive needs some kind of a break to stretch legs and keep the mind alert. But, as often happens, I just carried on driving and didn’t stop at any of the places I had considered. They didn’t feel right for the day.

bradbourne 2

I took a slightly different route, one I had only taken once before. That…

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