Wanton Whimsy: Monster

Sun in Gemini

A monster beyond cool… I muttered the words into the sweet, black liquid which, four times a day, had become my substitute for life, and gazed out of Cafe Giacomo’s window and across one of the city’s busiest side streets.

The bike snaking in and out of Rome’s afternoon traffic was huge…so big that I had to look twice at the slight body of its rider. Despite the tight turns around the stationary, swearing queue of cars, the rider was guiding its mass with ease…

“Fantastically low centre of gravity,” I said, softly, recalling a word of wisdom from some lost source. I whispered it to no-one in particular, though I could feel the cafe-bar owner’s overbearing presence somewhere close.

I moved nearer to the window to get a better view of the intermittent fantasy.

She had left me at this very spot, staring out through the thick glass…

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