Greater Than Gold – Part 2

Welcome to My Life-Rhyme

Greater Than Gold – Part 1

The stars were out in full force that evening. The air was so still. She could hear an owl cheering on the display, Who? Who? Who? It asked.

Angrily, she answered, “It’s me, you moron. Just me!”

“All alone, me.” she whispered under her breath.  She was walking with her head down, towards her house, out of sheer instinct.

Suddenly, out of no where, he was there. She bumped into him hard, walking in a complete daze. She screamed!

He put his hands up in shock, and stepped backwards in fear.

“What is going on?” He said to her. “Why did you run into me so hard? Why are you screaming? Who are you? Why am I here?” He stammered and put his hands on his head.

“Huh?” She answered. “Why are you here, is the better question! Why would you ask me? You just…

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