Written in the Stars?


Sadje’s Sunday Poser today is to do with star signs.
My star sign is Taurus, and I was born in the Year of the Monkey in 1956.
There are a lot of sites that deal with star signs and associated animals and I learned today that in Primal Astrology, my zodiac sign is the Ostrich.

Extract from The Western Zodiac Sign of Taurus

The Western Zodiac sign of Taurus symbolizes patience, dependability, and strength through determination. They have a strong need for security, both financially and emotionally. Taureans are famous for their stubbornness which sometimes hinders but mostly helps them. Members of this sign can hang in there long after most others have given up. The Taurus stubbornness can be frustrating to others, especially when Taureans refuse to do something just because they were told to. They are loyal and generous friends who are always willing to lend a…

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