Head Over Books

What it is about
Darby is snowed in at a rest stop with strangers and she realises that one of them is a kidnapper.

POV- first person from Darby and a few chapters from other characters

Happy ending- yes

Funny parts- no

Sad parts- yes

Scary level- 4/5

Gore- 3/5

Trigger warning- kidnapping, death, murder, grief

Realistic scale- 1/5

Pick this up if
You want a fun, fast paced thriller. You like a lot of action in books. You want something that will keep you on the edge. You like claustrophobic books.

Don’t pick this up if
You want something with mystery. You hate it when characters do dumb things. You don’t like over the top scenes.

Pages- 278

Narrated by-Sarah Naughton
Length- 9 hrs and 44 mins


I get asked how I read so many books. This is how…

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