Eye of depression #MentalAwareness

tales told different

This post might be a little raw for some but I hope it is illuminating to many.

Reena’s exploration challenge

Look at me!
Don’t stare but look!
You cannot see it, can you?
Of course you can’t!
For you see only what you want to see!
But if you linger for a moment, you may catch a glimpse
Of the sullen crease on the edge of each beaming smile
Of the flamboyance in faked happiness
The exaggeration in sincerity
And the anger that swiftly follows joy

Look! Because my eyes cannot deceive
All wonder diminishes in their reflection
The light that once sparkled is all but gone
And pain is now my deepest secret
I defend it deligently with walls of sarcasm
And retreat to seclusion, as contingency

Yet each night the walls crumble and despair trickles in;
Taking a sliver of hope
Dousing an ember of love

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