the mislead


the mislead —

I comprehend: the worst is not the unclear
I understand I’m overcome by my own fear
Yes! I truly believe that I will see a change!
As I wonder: Where’s the exit? At the end?

I explain: ‘What is gained by all the Pains’
Vain! ‘When, repetition is all that remains.
I error! thinking that the suffering is over
My director’s cut: The offering is a clover!

Silence speaks for us. (…experience drags)
Furthermore, show me free choice of flags
Did ‘tragedy’ born without a fixed address
Because dots on a map = Many in Distress

No one owns a thing. Everything is Rented.
This is a dream that someone else invented
Money or Joke? tell me the worth for a fall
Lonely, solitude explains the cause of it all


— Ricardo Sexton

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