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Jealousy Of A Viking (A Family Through The Ages Book 2) Kindle Edition

After Helgha meets Erik in the woods surrounding her home near Jorvik – modern day York – she learns that he is lost, and helps him by taking him into her home for the night.

In time, the two grow close, much to the anxiety of her parents as there is no message from his father suggesting a betrothal, but Erik behaves as though they are betrothed. Soon, they learn that there is another reason why Erik has not asked her to marry him.

With the honour of their family at stake, Helgha’s father takes drastic measures to rectify the situation. Amid the bloodshed and danger of the medieval times, can Helgha find happiness for herself and her family?

This book contains graphic violence and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

Our Thoughts

This unusual medieval story of one woman’s quest for love, reminded me of so many other star-crossed lovers throughout history. The author has cut away most of the myths surrounding the Vikings, revealing their wisdom and their beliefs. A far cry from the blood thirsty tribes we see all the time on TV.

I loved reading about the Viking people, and the way Helgha, the main character, used both the Christian and Viking religions to help her when rescued by a Christian community.

Even though she managed to hedge her bets, so to speak, it didn’t look as if anything would help her to find happiness.

Helgha must have been one of the unluckiest women, for when history decided to repeat the first stage in her journey, I wondered what fate had in store for her. Or was she doomed to be loved, but only from a distance?

About the Author

Viv Sang was born in Northwich, Cheshire in the United Kingdom. She trained as a teacher in Manchester and taught in Salford and Heywood in Lancashire before leaving to raise her children. She moved to Fair Oak, near Southampton where she taught Maths until moving to Redhill in Surrey. Here she taught Science, Maths and IT in several Croydon Schools.

She enjoys walking and cycling as well as various crafts such as knitting, crochet,card-making and tatting. She also enjoys going abroad on holiday and looking at historic buildings and stately homes.
She paints as well as writes novels and has begun to post some poetry on her blog

MLMM Wordle #252 ~ #Poetry

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

I had to pinch my nose
The aroma was unpleasant
Tocsin rang in my head
Had it been a cooking contest
Someone would have failed
I push forward, topple, crestfallen
Leaning against the fence
Wondering why she left me.
I feel my mind on the edge of insanity
What could I have done so wrong?
I hear the wind whistle
Reminding me of her smile
I lick my lips in anticipation
Of a kiss that never comes.
In my weakness, I let my mind
Pile on the misery
Thinking of her warm body
against mine on a cold night
There goes another pin
In that small model of me
Hidden in a dark wardrobe
I hope they run out of pins soon…

© Anita Dawes 2021

Gifted wings

France & Vincent

red kite

There was a red kite that landed in a tree as we drove back to the house on Saturday evening; there is always the feeling that there is meaning to these encounters beyond the simple joy of seeing these beautiful birds… and three landings in a day felt special. There were two more kites over the house next morning as we prepared to head down to my son’s to tackle the smoothie issue. I managed to catch some of the distant silhouettes that always look so much smaller and further away than the birds actually are.

weekend 008

We were tired and there was work to do, so Sunday was largely spent indoors, designing covers, wrestling with files and doing a little research. We had been looking at some of the old shots of the red kites that document their involvement in our journey as we have explored and written together. We…

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When I realized it was over
When it was …. so plain to see
I knew there was no going back
You were done …. so done with me.

All the while I tried pretending
Hoping you might change your mind
But nothing that I did or said
Was going to work this time.

Every conversation
Had ended in a fight
No chance to try and work it out
I knew that you were right.

You were through …. tired of my nonsense
You were sure …. there was no doubt
I gave up talking …. packed my bags
Got my stuff and headed out.

The same old lame excuses
All the times I made you cry
I knew you’d reached your limit
You didn’t even say, “goodbye”.

The charm that won you over
Had faded over time
You weren’t interested in sweet talk
That cajoling “come on” line.


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The Staymaker’s revenge.

Tallis Steelyard

As a jobbing poet it should be obvious to everybody that I have to remain within nodding distance of fashion. Obviously, save for the workings of blind chance, I am never going to be a leader of fashion. But still I have to give the impression that I am aware of the current trends. Indeed my patrons expect me to pay lip service to its dictates.

In all candour this can be a burden. It weighed more heavily on my shoulders when I was younger. Now if people make cutting comments as to the old fashioned nature of my dress, I merely sigh and comment that I have a beautiful wife whose needs are greater than mine. This always wins a sympathetic smile from the gentlemen and general approval from the ladies.

In reality it is nonsense, if Shena was dependent on my earnings for her clothes she would spend…

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Reigniting Your Passion

Nicholas C. Rossis

Passion led us here | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

I apologize for disappearing lately. It’s summer, which means I’m trying to get some rest and enjoy the Greek sun and sea. We also have friends over, which adds to the temptation to drop everything and head to the beach. Plus, of course, I still need to work. And write. And enjoy the family, as Natalie, who is growing up so fast, has no school and needs to be entertained.

As a result, my writing has fallen way behind. Even with my blog, which I love, I have a ton of posts I want to share and never seem to find the time to do so. Does that mean that I’ve lost my passion for writing? Nah, I think that’s still there. But since I’ve now made a career writing SEO-friendly copy and write or edit some 40K words each month, I’d rather spend my free time doing something else…

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Making Monday


Making music. My housemates and neighbors may disagree.

My free classes ended last Thursday. It was fun having a Zoom class making progress through elementary music.

I am a music major so I can read music, no problem. Well, except for the eyes that have problems seeing. But recorder music is only one line. As opposed to four or more in piano music. So recorder is easier.

Without the black and white keys I have had to learn finger positions. Seems easy enough. Except fingers, my fingers are short and have a hard time reaching.

Maintaining breath while hitting the notes and trying to keep time present challenges.

Any of you who had to take recorder classes in school might remember the screeching noises of the soprano recorder.

So I am attempting to learn the alto, too. I love it’s rich smooth sounds. But my hands hurt after more than…

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