The Invasion, a poem

Robbie's inspiration

Diana from Myths of the Mirror blog has a writing challenge underway. You can find it here:

Poets and writers are challenged to write a poem or story about their TBR. I have used poetic license and written a poem about how my TBR came into existence.

The Invasion by Robbie Cheadle

A loud aggressive ring

brought me fast to the door

I opened it innocently

not knowing the score


A long line of books

stood like soldiers of yore

each flashing it’s title

like a banner of war


“We’re looking for sanctuary”

declared Orwell, leader of all

“You’re a lover of books

so we’re paying you a call.”


“But I’ve simply no room”

I replied with a gasp

“We’ll make a plan, dear”

And they quickly marched past.


Up the corridor they tramped

Into my library, so full

“Wake up and make room”

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Moon Moment

Peacock Poetry

The moon was hypnotically bright yesterday as I went for my morning walk. Its presence was so clear and so unavoidable that it impacted my energy in a big way. When we attune to the moon we are aligned with the beauty of truth and our connection to the divine feels direct, beautiful and intense.

Moon Sayer

The moon proclaimed its dignity, its silver shine was proof

A striking morning gift to me; there’s kindness in our truth

Assured and round, clear and profound, my eyes were drawn into it

Our questions may go round and round but deep inside we knew it

We can’t escape our natural state, a waste the self-delusion

When we let show what resonates we make far less confusion

It’s graceful boldness jigged in me, cool, bright yet not aloof

The moon proclaimed its dignity, its silver shine was proof

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WIP Wednesday…

Where is my walk in the park?

There have been days in the last six months when I have had trouble doing anything writing-related. Days when I rely on autopilot to get me through the day.

What with all the worry about my sister’s health, my primary job as a carer has pretty much removed all hopes of my writing anything. Consequently, the current WIP, Ghost of a Chance, has become static. On a good day, I sit and look at it, hoping inspiration or something similar will turn up, but then duty or a problem calls, and I must walk away again.

Stubborn is as stubborn does though, and I have a new plan.

Ghost of a Chance has become a complicated mess with storyline plot holes big enough to swallow my desk and only two-thirds finished. I have realised that to keep writing, hoping it will make better sense as I go on, would be disastrous, eventually making the problem worse.

So, and I’m getting quite fond of that word, I have a new plan.

I have created a blank storyboard for all my characters, and I am slowly reading each chapter and placing them in what I hope will be the right places. This system should highlight the missing parts too, I hope.

Now I am no longer concentrating on the concluding chapters, I think I will be able to sort everything out, thereby making finishing it a real walk in the park. (Or at least something similar!)

Anita is home from the hospital, but far from well. We are taking good care of her and hoping for the best. And good news in two weeks at her check-up would be lovely too…

These mornings

Jane Dougherty Writes

For dverse

These mornings

These mornings heavy with rain,
drops quivering on grass stalks,
where wings flutter quiet as feathers,
I listen for the spring

clamour in running water
and the chant of chickens,
dog-bark at windblown scents
of fox and deer.

Listen, the oaks are singing,
leaves not ready to fall, give up
their root and anchor to young buds,
burnish-bursting where chaffinches peck.

These mornings, I listen where the thrush
pours water music above the stream,
and in the bird quiet in the deep earth
where my feet tread,

I hear the root and branch seething,
soft seep of worm galleries,
and the piping voices of sprouting seeds.
Spring-bubbling source of earth magic.

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Wednesday Writing & Thursday Doors — Answering Diana’s Challenge

Teagan's Books

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Welcome to my sanctuary.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  In the magic of Teagan’s Books, today it’s both Wednesday and Thursday.  I’m combining my response to a writing challenge from D. Wallace Peach with Thursday Doors, hosted by Dan Antion.  What can I say? There was a door in the story I wrote for the challenge.

TBR Challenge composite by Diana PeachTBR Challenge composite by Diana Peach

TBR Pile Challenge from D. Wallace Peach

Since fairly early in my blogging career, Diana Wallace Peach has been one of my indie role models. When I saw this challenge from her, a response quickly popped into my head.  Here is theinformation about Diana’s challengeYou will find lots of other responses at her blog too. 

Here is the response that immediately came to mind when I read Diana’s challenge.  When I realized I had written a door in…

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Writephoto ~ Approach ~ #Poetry

#WRITEPHOTO – Approach

#WRITEPHOTO – Approach
Approach – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a foggy day with the sun just emerging through the clouds. Emerging from the fog is a large castle.

Cold crisp winter calling, I feel you
Spring winds, blowing warm, I feel you
Summer sun, bacon burger frying outside, I feel you
Autumn leaves falling beneath the trees
Decaying fast, I feel you
Windswept rainy days, flood warnings, I feel you
Fog filled days, damp, moving, I feel you
Castle gates shut tight, I hear knocking
I feel the empty rooms, ghosts roaming, I feel you
Should I knock back, will they let me in
Keep me, feel me…

© Anita Dawes 2022