The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – June 22

Jo Hawk

2021 Daily Writing Challenge Q2

Monday hit me with a sledgehammer. The 9 to 5 bled every ounce of patience from my being as I sat in an endless string of meetings. I pushed agendas forward, keep participants on topic, fostered problem-solving on the fly, supported alternate solutions to problems, cut off long-winded tangents, redirected the group’s focus towards reaching our goal, and encouraged everyone. Hoorah. Then I started my actual work.

Work progresses on the house project list. The boards, cleats, and trim pieces for the linen closet have been cut to size and sport a white primer coat. The contractor refinishing the stairs reached the stage where he stained the risers and treads and achieved a phenomenal match to the original spindles and banister. I have windows and doors open and fans running to dispel the fumes and hasten drying times. My bed is calling my name and reminding me I need a…

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Game of Midnight

Sun in Gemini

It is dark, so there won’t be any
They will, like the sun
Be resting in untaken 

But collie’s last trip
In upward glance reveals
A silver-blue unlike
Any before

It is the moon, hiding and smiling
The one human on the planet
Standing here within the game
Of Midnight 

©Stephen Tanham 2021

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being. and

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Jaye’s Week (Not the Best I’m afraid!)

The week hasn’t started yet, and I’m already worrying enough for six people.

You see, because I haven’t been posting about my sister’s health lately, most of you probably think she is doing well. The truth is somewhat sadder, I’m afraid.

Although Anita really did appreciate everyone’s good wishes last year, she said she needed to move on and concentrate on getting better, so asked me to stop the updates. The loss of her health has come as a shock to all of us, including Anita as she has always been the healthiest member of our family. We have since discovered that although she is the head of the family, always first with help and advice when we all need it, she is the worst patient in the world and exceedingly difficult to take care of!

Despite her will power, (and most of mine!) there are still days when she struggles to breathe and has very little strength. Her quality of life drags on the floor and some days we fear for the worst. We are constantly being assured that the pacemaker thingy is doing its job, but at the same time, they admit to the setting being very low to avoid straining her severely damaged heart.

Eventually, our concerns filtered through to the consultant, who rang our house and spoke to Anita at length, resulting in appointments for several tests this week. An Echocardiogram and an Angiogram, blood tests etc. A stent was mentioned, too, so all being well, we may eventually have good news.

In the meantime, though, I am having trouble concentrating on anything, but desperate to keep busy…

Dead of Winter, Journey 6 — The Fluting Fell #Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy @teagangeneviene

Emlyn’s story continues in Journey 6, The Fluting Fell. She gains tragic insight into Boabhan… horrifying things that she is too young to know. This event also shows an unexpected softer side to another character.
The travelers reach an abandoned estate, Wych Elm Manor, although it is not completely unoccupied. It yields answers as well as questions. Emlyn finds clues that lead them farther into their journey. She also meets the silvery-haired young man again.
The travelers have put some distance between themselves and the Brethren of Un’Naf, but do even worse dangers await them? Danger deepens when they take refuge in a mysterious structure.
Come, be a part of the Journeys of “Dead of Winter.”

Our Review

I always look forward to the stunning new cover images and reading the next fascinating journey of the Dead of Winter. This time we are warned of a very disturbing chapter in Emlyn’s life, and we follow Emlyn as she searches for the truth. Gradually, the mysteries in this story are being uncovered, beginning to explain why Emlyn has always been different and special in some disturbing ways.

Like why Emlyn has such vivid dreams. Are they trying to tell her about her past, or is it the future they forewarn about?  Nasty, vivid dreams that remind her of a terrible time in her past, something so awful she cannot remember it or believe it is to be true.

Emlyn learns the reason for this dream, of a disturbing secret, the memory of something she seems to share with a member of the Deae Matres.  It happened at the time of the Binding, the time when the nightwalkers were driven into the Realm of the Dead. 

This was a surprise for me too but was sensitively handled by the author.

Finally, Emlyn begins to understand the reason she is on this journey.

There are powerfully written events in this story, and such lovely moments too. I loved that Emlyn gets over her fear of horses, and that she finds some wonderful clothes to wear! There is another visit from the mysterious young silver haired man too, so many things to remember and experience, but all leading her further into danger.

All the while, the Realm of the Dead grows ever closer.

The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – June 21

Jo Hawk

2021 Daily Writing Challenge Q2

Yesterday we welcomed the first day of Summer and celebrated Father’s Day. The year is spinning past in a flurry of activity. They delivered my new dining table and chairs yesterday, after failing to keep their promise of a Saturday arrival date. In starts and fits, maximizing pockets of time between other commitments, I assembled the table, and it looks fabulous in the new room. I’m confident I can put the ten matching chairs together before the end of the week. I have plenty of “spare” time. Not.

Work continues with setting up my new office. The two eight-foot bookcases stand dust-free, polished, and ready to be loaded with my extensive collection. I hauled the first two heavy book boxes from storage and began lining the shelves. Not all my books will remain in the office. I have plans for other bookcases in other rooms of the house. But until…

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The Ferryman & the Sea Witch – a review

Meeka's Mind

I just submitted this review on Amazon:

The Ferryman and the Sea Witch by [D. Wallace Peach]

The Merrow are creatures of the sea – sirens or mermaids if you will – but like humans, they like making bargains. Unlike humans, they believe in keeping them.

At the start of the story, it seems as if the Sea Witch, the ruler of the Merrow, is the villain of the piece. She struck a bargain with the Ferryman, and the two countries on either side of the ocean trench that is home to the Merrow. According to that bargain, she will allow the Ferryman to sail his ship across the trench safely, but only if he sacrifices a human life before each crossing.

Monstrous and cruel. There is no other way of looking at that bargain, yet the machinations of the two rulers on either side of the trench are just as monstrous and cruel. But they only keep their promises…

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