The Scarlet Ribbon and The Wishing Tree…

Clootie Tree At St Nectans Glenn Near Tintagel In North Cornwall. Clootie  Wells Are Places Of
St. Nectan’s Glen Wishing Tree
The wishing tree stood alone by the still, clear water,
Festooned with ribbons of every colour
A fallen rainbow reflected there.
One scarlet ribbon hanging low
Its ragged edge touching the water below
wanting to be washed clean.
I hold the ribbon in my hand
Feeling the weight of sadness lying within
Who placed the scarlet ribbon here?
Whose pain had soaked within this strand?
Who had touched me, calling for help...

© Anita Dawes 2018

A Bonsai post from Bonsai Sanctum

Are Bonsai Trees Hard to Keep Alive?

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Many believe that taking care of a Bonsai tree is challenging and that it requires special attention. But is it really hard to keep? Well, this article elucidates the Bonsai plant maintenance and how best to grow it. Also, if you are a beginner, you have just found the right guide to take you through the process of growing the Bonsai correctly. 

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#BlogBattle ~ Scattered ~ #Poetry

October #BlogBattle: Scattered

My granddaughter dropped her kaleidoscope
From the top window
Tiny, coloured pieces scattered across the patio
I heard her little footsteps running down the stairs
Holding my breath, hoping she wouldn’t fall
Three-year-olds often know no fear
The tiny jewels shone under bright sunlight
Lost treasure belonging to the shining ones
Running into the kitchen where I stood
Watching the coloured dancing lights
Renewing my faith in magic
“I didn’t throw it Nan,
I tried to find more light to make the pieces shine”
Hugging my leg, her tears drying on my apron
Looking at her tear-stained face
I couldn’t tell her off for playing near an open window
Taking her hand, we walked outside
We will go to town and buy a new one
With a sob in her voice, she said
“It is a broken rainbow…

© Anita Dawes 2021