Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge


Are you ready for a theme prompt? Eugi, from last month’s challenge, picked the theme for this month.

This month’s theme is:


Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay
Christmas cheer
children singing
Santa’s reindeer wait
gifts wrapped; ribbons tight
around the world in one night
there is no naughty list this year
each child will receive his heartfelt wish
Santa’s milk and cookies wait by the fire…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle #528 ~ #Poetry

A bright turquoise sky
Shone with dissonance
Tension, like a too tight string on a guitar, broke
Easy blew the breeze with one great Shh
Was felt across the globe
A female voice whispered, stay with me
Old Father Time rode the current across the Thames
Release sailed past Parliament House
Sparks flew as new thoughts penetrated the old walls
The MP’S would never work the same way again…

© AnitaDawes 2021

Mindlovemisery Menagerie ~ Wordle #267 ~ #Poetry

The red squirrel froze,
scared of the whispers on the wind
People walk the park, 
their collars turned against the cold
Finding it hard to settle
No time to stroke a passing dog
The mind finding it impossible 
to compete with redundant thoughts
Pedal on, don’t complain, keep yourself fit
Something awesome may be around the corner
No time to be sad when faced 
with those Christmas mince pies
Family on the way, carrying Christmas greetings
Smiles to warm the coldest night…

© AnitaDawes 2021

Black Velvet Memories…

When I was seven, my mother bought me a black velvet dress for my birthday. It had a white collar with white cuffs on the puff sleeves.

I felt like a princess and couldn’t stop rubbing my hands over it. Mother told me to stop doing that, as I would ruin it.

My stepfather Joe said he would take me and my brothers to the park. As we left the house, my mother said not to give us any ice cream.

We played on the swings for a bit and then Joe brought ice cream.

I walked away, wondering if he would do as he was told. I didn’t go far, for I hoped I knew better than that and I was right. Joe handed me the ice cream, telling me to please be careful.

I said I would, but what child can eat ice cream without getting it down themselves? Not me anyway. I kept rubbing at it, making it worse. The velvet was ruined where I had tried to rub the ice cream away and there was no way to hide it.

All the way home, I wished Joe would run away with us, but he told me not to worry. He would say it was his fault, which in a way it was for buying it for me. I know that’s an unkind thought, but when we got home before he could say a word, mother ripped the dress from my body, leaving her nail marks on my back because the fabric was too hard to tear.

Joe got both barrels of her temper, and I thought his ears would swell and drop off.

This memory has returned, because my daughter who lives next door, was playing a song I haven’t heard for a long time. It was one of my favourites, called Black Velvet.

It’s a funny old life isn’t it, the way old memories come back?

© AnitaDawes2021

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch… An Acrostic Poem

It had to happen, I suppose.

Anita loves to write acrostic poetry, and for some reason, longer words are more attractive. So when she chose this particular word, I just smiled. I knew it would be in safe hands…

Long winding road ahead beckons
Little did I know, ghost lie in wait
Air, thick, cold with fear
Never ever bends behind fog laden turns
Fathers words of warning echo in mind
Arrive as you mean to go on
In shadow would be helpful
Rain splashed streets shine under moonlight
People rushing, bump against me
Worries rub against my own
Lost time touching unknown thoughts
Lodging in mind, memory stirs, something sticks
Gutters blocked, rain reaching my feet
Wishes held from childhood
Yearn to be freed
New wishes gather in the background
Getting harder to find space to wait
Yesterday’s thoughts stick, unused
Longing for inspiration
Lead laden boots stamp away dreams
Gritted teeth, drag out my steps
Over lightning ahead, I push on
Greetings, warm welcome greets my end
Envying those sat warm inside
Rain doubled the weight of my clothes
Yule logs burning, guests anticipated
Children wrapping Christmas gifts
Happy faces behind frosted glass
Winter eggnog raised in cheer
Yuletide carols sung by the fire
Rain, no worry to those inside
Never ending tide of water
Drowning out all comforting thought
Run now, thoughts charged
Overwrought emotions
Bumping inside grey matter
Willing my legs onward, my socks soaked
Legs cold aching to rest
Longest road I have travelled
Laden with secrets, lights shining from windows
Long lost families come to mind
Arriving unbidden, I sweep them away
Never a good thing to bring into mind
Touching yesterdays ghosts will never do
You need to think of the now
Stay with the dream, polished with wishes
In time spent dreaming
Longing for success
In long dark nights alone
Over playing your hand
Getting nowhere fast with dreaming
On long days you write them down
Getting yourself a diary full of words
On summer nights, you sigh with remembering
Great times you have planned ahead
Of time spent checking each detail
Comforted by foolish dreams
Hope springs eternal…


#Macro Monday

Fancy meeting you here!

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Strange Light in the Sky…


“You have to come and have a look at this weird light, Jaye. It’s just not moving…”

Anita was outside; looking at the full moon and all the local firework displays but something else must have captured her attention.

I tore myself away from the comfort of the couch and stumbled through the front door. Not that I was expecting to see anything even remotely interesting, as my eyesight was playing possum these days, but I had been summoned.

Squinting like Mr Magoo, I could just make out a tiny red light, several inches above the horizon in the direction she was pointing. I stared at it for several minutes, and Anita was right. It wasn’t moving at all!

The light changed to green for a while, before reverting to red, but it didn’t move.

The local firework display was thundering away, just up the hill from where we were standing. Constant deafening volleys of noise, echoing around the surrounding hills accompanied the multicoloured streaks and stars as local families joined in with their own efforts.

It suddenly struck me as funny, that here we were, ignoring all the majesty of the fireworks, concentrating on one small red light.

We both stared at it, wondering what the hell it could be. Sometimes planes can seem to be stationary, depending on their direction, but not for this length of time. It could be a helicopter, hovering over a trouble spot; we seem to get a lot of them here.

As we watched, it suddenly dropped down in a straight line, and then stopped again. It waited, then went back up.

I’m sure we were both thinking of aliens by then, that we could be witnessing an alien craft, but what were the chances?

Did it have anything to do with Bonfire Night?


We were determined to watch it all night if necessary, but eventually, it dropped out of sight, leaving us puzzled and more than a little curious, and the full moon smiled down at it all, like a benevolent old gentleman as we went back indoors…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 524

I watch the game of battleships 
drop in slow motion
Pieces scatter across the carpet
I sit, get the young ones to pick up
Before the beautiful monster known as my wife
Enters the room
I cover the room with my eyes
Making sure each piece is back in place
I chase a fly around the table
Keeping it from settling on the fruit bowl
Time counts down as the battle zone is clear
No need to wave white flags of surrender
All is normal as she enters the room…

© Anita Dawes 2021

Linda… a week in her life ~ Thursday #serial


I have a confession.

No work was done that afternoon. Now I had sheets to clean, thoughts to reassemble. Would I repeat the experience was my first thought? That didn’t take too much consideration. Yes, yes, yes! Is he a keeper? I don’t think so. If he is a test drive; I need more lessons.

He left before I woke. The space beside me empty, his presence lingering. Rolling into that empty space, warmed the scent he had left behind. Bottled, it would sell well. I stripped the bed, leaving the sheets in the machine until later. A quick shower, skipping breakfast, I took the car, to work. I can’t afford to be knocked off my bike right now. That makes it sound like I am planning to in the future. I mean, I don’t want to play with that kind of danger right now.

My boss said I took a big risk telling a writer his idea stinks. ‘I didn’t say it quite like that. ‘

‘Lucky for you he didn’t mind. He said he would send in the locations as they arrive in the story.’

I managed to do some work. The rest of the crew were as pleased as the boss. He is a big name. His books are followed by young enthusiasts all over the world. I felt like I had landed a marlin after hours wrestling, much of which ended up between my sheets. A night to remember, yes. A night to repeat, yes please, and soon, I hope. That depends on his first draft when he sends it in. I cannot wait to start work on it. The sooner I give him something to look at, the sooner we might meet again to approve the work over lunch. I was hoping for a repeat of the last time.

The weeks passed, I was beginning to think he had changed his mind.

Turned out to be five weeks before I received a call for lunch. Same place, mid-day Saturday.

I don’t work weekends. For him I made an exception. I need to drop that into our next conversation. Don’t want him to make a habit of changing my life around. I know, I can hear women across the globe saying, if the sex was worth it, what do you care about weekends?

I do care. All week the boss calls the shots, the weekends I’m in charge.

Saturday is going to prove interesting. My back isn’t exactly up, it’s a bit prickly. It would be up to him to smooth it out.

By now, I had extra work on my desk. I try burying myself in it, not wanting to think about Peter Westwood and his edible eyes. The extra time will give me time to stop thinking about him as I’m sure he’s not the one. I haven’t taken him for a test drive yet. One encounter after a long dry spell doesn’t tell me much more than I was just horny. If there is to be a second time, it must match the first time or surpass it.

I will let you know when that happens. Needless to say, I haven’t had the time to read the book that I picked up…

See you tomorrow…

© Anita Dawes 2021