Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge


Are you ready for a theme prompt? Eugi, from last month’s challenge, picked the theme for this month.

This month’s theme is:


Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay
Christmas cheer
children singing
Santa’s reindeer wait
gifts wrapped; ribbons tight
around the world in one night
there is no naughty list this year
each child will receive his heartfelt wish
Santa’s milk and cookies wait by the fire…


The Sunday Whirl ~ #Wordle 527 #Poetry

Twelve stones did an altar make
The divine number, enchanted by legend
A scented feather to light the way
Through ice cold tunnels
Breath, spread, sparks, words glue against the ice walls
Few make it this far, searching for the ancient brew
That comes from the majestic twelve
Those that hold the secrets of the universe
Of everlasting life
Would you drink from the sacrificial elixir?

© AnitaDawes 2021

Love Remembered… #Poetry

Image by Jacques GAIMARD from Pixabay
Love remembered

Something familiar disturbs my sleep, my thoughts
Knowing is not enough to reveal all
It feels old, far away out of reach
Yet demanding, needing to be found
Understood, remembered
Music I don’t recognise steals part of my day
Strange scent assails the air, faint, almost recognisable
The way passing someone wearing too much perfume
as if walking through a half-remembered fog 
Leaving sticky fingers on my memory
Nails clawing the dark corners of my mind
Where the knowing hides
My dreams like the dark spaces
I remember him, but sunlight washes it away
All but his voice, my name whispered from his lips
Wait for me, I will return
This voice I know from the many lifetimes past
Why must love be lost like ships passing
Can destiny be tricked to let us love again…?

© Anita Dawes 2021

MLMM #Photo Challenge 265 ~ #Poetry

His good luck reminded me of Siamese twins
Impossible to separate
The slot machines never let him down
Would that I could obtain that bounce in his walk
That lucky people seem to have
They never take a left turn that leads the wrong way
I knock on wood, still nothing
I keep a record of their habits
One wears a lucky cent on a chain around his neck
His first piece of luck won on a toss, heads, or tails
Another tells me, only play when it feels right
It’s a steep learning curve
On my way home that night 
I find a black cat brooch
Picking it up, I pin it to my t-shirt
Knowing I would be lucky from now on
Each turn of the cards, each spin of the wheel
Will play for me…

© Anita Dawes 2021