#Flights of Fancy ~ Everlasting

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Time is immortal

It gives no heed to the sad, the lonely.

It will pass by, happy smiles, uncaring

It glides through death’s dark tunnel

It seeks not the living, nor the light

Time has no master, it belongs to itself

It shapes new worlds, moulds new beings

It cares not for dimensions, plays out what it will

It has no beginning and no end

We could search forever

never to find its true meaning…


Flights of Fancy ~ Spirit Change…


flights of fancy


I believe the spirit I was born with

was borrowed from another

He is trying to claim it back

Each day my steps become unsure

I step off kerbs into traffic without thinking

Bump into people as though they were not there

Sorry, then bump another

The day may be bright, but

inside my head it is dark

Footsteps behind me, turning

to find only my shadow there

Am I being haunted by a ghost with no spirt?

Is there any way out?



#Flights of Fancy… Magic

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Magic is the food of life, my life

without the thought of it

I could not breathe

The world would turn to black and white

Stars would leave the night sky

The moon would fail to rise

Stories could not be told

No giants, no Gods of old

Their magic lost.

Poseidon without his trident

Zeus without his lightning bolt

Merlin without Arthur, no Camelot

With no inspiration from the Universe

How would we live?

I need the messages sent

That odd coincidence, a cosmic joke or two.

It is the spice of life that opens new doors…


#Flights of Fancy: Run… #poetry

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Do we always want more than we can have

Search for things we will never find?

Questions with no answers,

Driving mind to scream.

What then when wild thoughts show in your eyes

Do people stammer when they speak to you?

Do they hide in corners, hoping not to be seen?

Do they run from your approach

Pretending lateness is their call?

Is madness framed in garments white

Keys jingle stop you from walking out

Is life now bound within these walls of grey

Has mind forgotten how to pray for freedoms flight?

Let men say that you are crazed

To me, you are a vase that is cracked

Yet water holds the flowers still

They bloom in memory of love within your broken shell

My name you lost with a ticking clock

I sit, I watch, I wait for memories lost

Make one happy moment when time returns

To hear my name whispered upon your lips…


Flights of Fancy: County Fair…

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The fair came to town today.

I told myself I was almost too old for this kind of thing, but all the sounds and colours, the stalls with the goldfish in bowls waiting to be won by some happy child drew me there.

Gipsy fortunetellers waiting to tell you all about the tall dark stranger you are about to meet. I paid my dollar and she told me I would soon find happiness. My troubles were behind me. No tall dark stranger for me, no love waiting in the wings.

Passing the roller skating rink I wondered if I could still stay upright, ride around the small wooden floor without falling. Securing the wheels to my trainers, I skated around in circles, the colours around me swam into one another. I found myself sitting in the most beautiful meadow. Daisies, buttercups and butterflies, no buildings, no people.

I wondered if I had fallen and bumped my head. Someone was trying to pick me up and a soft breeze blew through the meadow. The sweet scent of something now filled my senses. I had fallen and found my tall dark stranger…

©Anita Dawes

Flights of Fancy: Kiss #Poetry

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Time had not yet made a sound

The world lay in waiting for the first breath

For words to be spoken and life to awake

Sound breaking the silence, life, as we know it, has begun

We meet, we love, we live

The year’s pass, winter has found us

Cold hard like the world outside

Angry words fill our days

Love is hanging on a thread

We barely talk, touching is long forgotten

Time has frozen the love we once knew

We live like ghosts under the same roof

Love remembered keeps me here

When you no longer want me

Kiss me with poison on your lips…

©Anita Dawes

#Flights of Fancy… Time #Poetry

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Sunlight reflecting memories

Shadows tell of time passing

Invisible stars on blue skies

A million nightlights pass you by

Time stops when no one looks

Lovers kiss under the moonlight

Promises made, no time to keep

The world moves on beneath our feet

Time grows old until we meet

On borrowed time, we made a vow

To meet again when time renews

Our days are warm beneath the sun

I will stay with you until life is done…

©Anita Dawes


#Flights of Fancy: The Gift #Poetry

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The Gift

I found a pebble in my shoe today

How it got there I cannot say

A little blue pebble to call my own

I am sure it needs me to bring it home

I placed it on my windowsill

Where the sun will shine

A magic eye, my young son said.

By morning it was beside my bed

No one said they moved it there

No matter, I said. It did not move there by itself

It seems to roam where it may please

Where I place it, it stays not long.

My husband said to throw it out

I made him swear to touch it not

Magic comes by cosmic hands

It’s not for me to understand

To know it is meant for me alone

I like this magic in my home

To question why, would blow the magic out…

©Anita Dawes