MLMM ~ Wordle #263 ~ #Poetry

My weltanschauung is no secret
I love the world and all its continents
I would remove most of the population
 while I travel to see the sights
Leaving my admirer at home
He would disturb my peace
The trip would end in turmoil
Leaving my blessings on my best writing paper
On his pillow, I took off for two weeks
I hope he remembers the word honour
when he sees my PS, no phone calls
I need this time out
I cannot wait for my eyes to take in all the beauty
So far, seen only on television
Remembering to keep my yin yang in balance
Toss out preconceptions
The overall tone is one of peace
Don’t take the high road, stay centred
A slight nod of the head, hands clasped
Say Namaste…

© Anita Dawes 2021

The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle #523 ~ No Weapon Found ~ #Poetry

No Weapon Found

The air, thick with the smell of iron
A blood-soaked drawing
Found under the body of a young man
Depicting a church. The space around, 
seemingly undisturbed, no weapon found
Time of death estimated at 12 pm
News spread like wildfire
Murder on one of our favourite beaches
Time is a fault in finding the perpetrator
Every minute searching for clues becomes tight
A net slowing the officers
The small rowboat might hold a clue
They are warned that speedy actions
will lead the investigation astray
Detective James yelled across the office
Someone bring that priest in for questioning!

© Anita Dawes 2021

A Sisters Gift…

Anita wrote this wonderful poem for my book, Out of Time…

Out of Time

Kate’s life, her mind, is out of time
A savage wind took all 
but the brush from her hand.
Her thoughts crash like a wild storm
She no longer has the will to speak
One last blow to strike
A fake wedding planned by Detective Snow
To trap the beast that waits without.
Will Jack be snared or run again?
The snowman, as Kate calls him,
Will he stay with her until the end...

►© Anita Dawes 2018

Book Description

Kate Devereau wakes up in hospital in this exciting sequel to NINE LIVES,

unable to speak or move after the brutal attack by her ex-husband.

Her brain has shut down, refusing to acknowledge the misery of her dark, disturbing past.

A past that conceals a web of painful secrets.

Can she gradually piece her shattered life back together,

Or will she discover that her nightmare is far from over?

MLMM Wordle #262Wordle and Substitute ~ New Memories

New Memories

Our winter ski holiday,
Years later, no more than a treasure
A shadowy memory
An element of toujours perdrix
A sign to the past
Together we navigate 
the slippery road ahead
Crisp white winter
Warm within, cold without
Years slow the body, not the mind
We sit, wait for mind and body to catch up
To forget the wonderful winter holidays skiing
Time to make new memories
Slow, warm, indoor memories

© Anita Dawes 2021

The Scarlet Ribbon and The Wishing Tree…

Clootie Tree At St Nectans Glenn Near Tintagel In North Cornwall. Clootie  Wells Are Places Of
St. Nectan’s Glen Wishing Tree
The wishing tree stood alone by the still, clear water,
Festooned with ribbons of every colour
A fallen rainbow reflected there.
One scarlet ribbon hanging low
Its ragged edge touching the water below
wanting to be washed clean.
I hold the ribbon in my hand
Feeling the weight of sadness lying within
Who placed the scarlet ribbon here?
Whose pain had soaked within this strand?
Who had touched me, calling for help...

© Anita Dawes 2018